Bob's Snowmobile Pictures
(40 years of riding and looking forward to more!)

2012 Arctic Cat F1100 LXR (Retro). Taken at the former
Weir Family's Grand View Snack Shack, Trail 21,
West Stewartstown, New Hampshire, Feb. 25, 2012
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Taken Feb. 11, 2011 at the Colebrook Country Club, Colebrook NH
2011 Arctic Cat TZ1 LXR, Feb. 11, 2011
Taken at the Colebrook Country Club

1997 Actic Cat Pantera 580
Taken in Pittsburg, NH, January 2000
Taken March 3, 2012 on trail 134 to Dixville Peaks, Dixville, NH
  On Trail 134, Dixville Peaks, March 3, 2012
Thuis is the first model snowmobile I ever rode.
This is a 1973 Ski-Doo TNT Silver Bullet, the same
model as the first sled I ever rode.
This one pictured has 440 engine, but I rode a 340.
These 5 pictures are from "the early days." 

The two sleds laft and right are pictures of the models of the first sled I ever rode, ('73 Ski-Doo)
and the first sleds I ever owned. ('73 Arctic Cats)

The next  three pictures below were taken in 1976.

This is a 1973 Arctic Cat Panther 400. 
In the winter of 1974, I purchased my first sleds, 
a matching pair of this model Cat.
Taken at the Old Hill Village, near franklin, NH
Taken on a weekend trip in 1976 
to New Hampshire with Dave


The Early Years!
Getting Air! Even back in 1976!
Taken at the former Hill Village, NH
Getting a good jump for those days!


Dave on one of the '73 Panther 400's.


Riding on Pittsburg, Swift Diamond & Ski-Bees
trails.  We had to stop to clear the visors of ice
 now & then, but it was a geat day for riding

Kathy & I, riding in freezing rain!
January 2001

Ice was on everything, but that hardly mattered!

Beautiful Scenery! Taken of Ben near the top of 
Dixville Peak, Feb. 2008

Beautifil Trails! Picture taken, January 2002
on Swift Diamond Trails.

Night Ride! Taken in Colebrook on Trail 21,
January 2008.

Ben & Bob, On Dixville Peak, Feb. 2008


2005 Arctic Cat T660 Turbo Trail.
"Kathy's Cat" Taken January 2006

Stephen, Bob & Ben, March, 2006


Stopped on the trail for a bite. 
Nice views, lousy service!

Clayton & Michelle, taken on Ski-Bees Trail 21,
Stewartstown, NH, January, 2002

Bob, Kathy & Clay, Dixville Peak, Feb., 2001


Riding smooth trails with Ben & Stephen, 
March 2006

Taken on a Guided Tour in Quebec  Feb. 2000, 
with New England Bob's Quebec Adventures. 
(No,I'm not that Bob!)

Picture taken at Weir's Grand View Snack Shack, 
Feb., 2004

A late afternoon scene from trail 21.


  A Typical North Country Traffic Jam!


Kathy, taken at Coleman State Park, March 1998,
West Stewartstown, NH

Chuck, Bob and Gail, Colebrook, NH

Chuck & Gail, Pittsburg, NH, Feb. 2002

I think Ben's enjoying the trip!

Notice the Grey Jay perched on the windshield!
Diamond Ridge, Pittsburg, NH, March, 2008,

Stephen, Bob & Ben, March 2006


Can you say "Smooth Trail?"
Thank You, Swift Diamond Riders!

Kathy on the original "Kathy's Cat" in 1998.
A 1995 Arctic Cat Pantera 580
at the Colebrook Country Club,

Stephen, Ben & Clay, Dixville Peak, March 2007


A stop at Relais Mcguick for lunch during
our Quebec tour in Feb. 2000